This Week I…

…installed a design wall in my studio (can’t believe I’ve quilted for 16 years without one) and made some progress on my Embellishment Robin.

Welcome to my weekly blog.  It’s been a very busy first week of 2014!  My resolution was to interject more FUN in everything I do! This year of 2014 started on a Wednesday so I decided to release my weekly blog every Wednesday throughout the year. I am sure you will see how different each week of my life is…very unpredictable.

I’ve started this year off with creating and installing a design wall in my sewing studio. (Special thanks to my hubby!) We started with foil faced foam insulation, 1″ thick.  Rob cut it to length with a box cutter.  I covered it with batting and grey flannel. I stretched the fabric around the batting and secured it with Duct Tape. After finding the studs in the wall, we anchored the boards with a 2″ washer and really long screws.  I think we used 6 all together.

Here is a photo of my hubby cutting the foam insulation:

Here is the covered insulation:P1040416

Cutting the foam insultation

Cutting the foam insultation

Here is the finished wall completely installed in one afternoon!


I also worked on my Embellishment Robin.  These are the triangle setting pieces I worked on at our quilting get away in November.

Embellishment Robin

Embellishment Robin

Here is what it looks like now…..

Sewn together!

Sewn together!

The time flew by as I couched fibers, sewed on ribbons and buttons and even some pearls! I am using the book Elegant Stitches by Judith Baker Montano and teaching myself decorative stitches and applying beads here and there.





Now to make it into a quilt……stay tuned………until next time……have FUN quilting!

Linda Ramrath

Inspired Layers



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