May 7th – Sharing Talents

On April 25th I shared Clue #2 for a Mystery Quilt I designed using EQ8 with Heart of the Land Quilters. November/December meeting will be the reveal meeting.  I will post all the variations quilters sewed in their Mystery projects. I’m encouraging various ways to design you own quilt or quilted pillows, table runners, or wall hangings along the way. 21 quilters have started this journey. I’m excited to see how many are inspired to follow the Mystery to completion.

On April 26th I went to the Palace Theatre with my daughter, sister, and niece to see Mamma Mia. It was a fabulous night to enjoy the talented singers and performers.

On April 28th I taught the free motion class for completing the collage quilts. It was fun and educational. Here’s a few photos of collage quilts ready for free motion quilting.


My hubby and I are taking “social dance” classes in Sharon, Vermont. We enjoyed learning a new talent on April 29th.

On May 3rd I taught another collage quilting class with the Squanicook Quilters in Pepperell, MA. Once again, it was fun and educational.  Learning to work with Mistyfuse, choosing the right batting for your quilt and learning to free hand cut and free motion quilt is fun when done with friends.

Two questions arose…

#1 Does starching fabric affect how Mistyfuse clings to the fabric when applied? I’m not sure, because I haven’t starched my fabric before fusing the Mistyfuse to the wrong side of my fabric.  Have you? I’d love to hear from you, an expert with experience fusing starched fabric.

#2 Does the new Non-stick needle from make any difference when stitching Mistyfused fabric?  I found that the “gum” ball didn’t appear on my needle once I changed over from Steam a Seam light to Mistyfuse.

I made two twin-sized quilts. Here’s a photo of them folded on my couch. One is for a boy and one for a girl.  Both with a buck theme.


I ended this two-week period with attending a conference by Dr. Allen Hunt from Dynamic Catholic. It was called, “Passion and Purpose for Marriage.” If Dr. Hunt ever offers this conference anywhere near you, please go. You will not regret it.  My hubby and I listened to 3 talks with great connecting stories and principles to take our marriage to the next level. There were engaged couples there, lots of couples married for several years and two couples married over 50 years. Praise God!

If you know anyone getting married, share this link to a Marriage Preparation Inventory tool.CLICK HERE

I was awarded a Triple Crown Award in Toastmasters in April.  This requires completing three awards in 1 year.  This is the second time I’ve achieved this award. Toastmasters had been helping people to become better communicators and leaders for over 90 years. In May of 2018 a new program called, Pathways is starting.  This will help communicators learn to produce webinars, podcasts and much more.  The technology portion of communicating effectively is the main difference from the original projects to this new approach. If you would like to improve your communication skills, go to and look for a club near you. I believe it is the safest place to fail and get back up with even better ideas.

I hope you will share your talents with me, too! I love to be inspired by others.

See you in two weeks…lots in process.


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April 23rd- A Little of This and That

It’s time for another update on my quilting projects…

  1. I taught a Collage Quilting class at New England Fabrics on April 14th. It was loads of fun to teach quilters how to use Mistyfuse and why I think it’s the best fusible for collage quilting. There is a frog, cat and two collage moose being developed. Here’s a sneak peek..

    In case your are wondering why I like Mistyfuse, here are a few reasons:

    • Quilts do not crease as much when folded and put away and then brought back out.
    • I do not get a gummy glue ball on my needle when stitching through it.
    • It doesn’t come with paper that sometimes sticks to the fusible.
    • I don’t have to reverse the design to cut out a particular shape.
    • It comes in white, ultraviolet and black.
  2. I finished quilting “Almost Midnight at the Oasis” quilt. It was a challenge and took patience to stitch in the ditch on the outer round. IMG_20180420_135812
  3. I finished (still have to add beads) 3 more wool blocks for my Summertime Sampler quilt. This was fun.  As you know by now I cannot follow a pattern. I changed the teapot and tea cups from a tea leaf design to Kaffe Fasset design. IMG_20180420_134443
  4. I wrote a blog post as part of the Island Batik Ambassador Alumni Use it Up! blog hop. I showed how I used the Northern Woods strip set to make a collage “Cool Bull Moose” and a large bowl for my wool fabrics. I certainly bought to much wool, so I will have to start another wool project soon! IMG_20180306_092634IMG_20180404_131232
  5. The program chair from the Modern Quilt Guild in Westminster, Vermont called and asked me to give my “Stranded on Island Batik” talk at their meeting yesterday.  It was tons of fun! The show and tell was inspiring!IMG_20180423_103125

Well that’s a rap of these past two weeks of quilting fun! I also fit in a visit to my in-laws and to my daughter’s home. We had fun unpacking boxes and even painted one room already. Her mind is racing with DIY projects she would like to tackle.

Enjoy life! It’s a precious gift, each and every day!

Linda Ramrath

Inspired Layers

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Spring Fling Blog Hop – Use it Up!

blog hop logo

I really enjoyed the monthly challenges given to me as a 2017 Island Batik Ambassador.  I loved them so  much, I’m traveling around now with a new talk, “Stranded on Island Batik.” I share how I accomplished each challenge and give the audience a handout with lots of challenge ideas to bring to their quilting friends and guild members. If you would like to see this unique trunk show and learn a bit about Island Batik fabrics, send an email to and we will find a date that works! Feel free to call New England Fabrics in Keene, NH to ask how well the first talk was received. (603-352-8683)

Fortunately or unfortunately, I didn’t use all the fabric that I was given.  I had a 40 piece strip set entitled, “Northern Woods” which I didn’t use.  Once this challenge came out, I used it up in rather un-traditional ways.  I washed and then fused Mistyfuse onto the back of half of the strips. Then I free hand cut rounded squares and rectangles. I decided to have fun and make a humorous quilt using my NEW Cool Bull Moose II pattern (available here). I followed the instructions until I decided to have the moose track the human.  I quilted the sole imprint in various sizes on the background.  Then I looked at my hubby’s hunting rifle, and free hand cut fabrics and fused a gun for the Moose.  The moose’s name is HUNTER which I embroidered on a pocket bulging with ammunition. I put empty shells in it.


I still had 20 strips left, and a little clothesline from another project…so I decided to piece the fabric strips together on the diagonal with my Sew Easy guide to make one long strip.

I trimmed the corners off, pressed the seam allowances open and then pressed the entire length in half the long way.


Next step is to cover the clothesline.  I used a number 12 foot for my Bernina.  It has a large chunk taken out of it so the clothesline can run in that channel. I used Aurifil thread and folded the raw edges over from right to left and then the fold over from the left to the right. With a straight stitch, jeans needle and 2.5 length stitch, I covered the clothesline.

The next step is to form the bottom of the bowl. I pinched about and inch or so of the end of the covered clothesline and bent the so that it laid flat. I switched to a zig zag stitch as wide as possible.  I have a 9mm machine so I used an open toe foot so that I could see that my stitches were catching both the cording and the new row of cording I was adding as it turned around. It’s very important to have the project rotating counter clockwise and the strip you are adding is on your right.

I made the base about 12″ round and then held it up with my left hand created a bowl shape as I continued to add around the sides. I used all 20 strips! Yippie! I used it up!


Here’s a photo of my wool pieces and thread for my next project.  It is coming along…It was supposed to be my winter project, but it’s already spring.  The colors are bright and cheery. I keep modifying the pattern. You will have to keep visiting my blog to see how that project turns out.  I update my followers every two weeks with my quilting exploits.

I hope you might think to make a fabric bowl with some left over strips. You control the size. You could make business card holders, paper clip holders, or even bowl big enough for knitting supplies.

Here’s the complete list of Spring Fling Blog Hop just in case you missed any of the projects and want to go back and look at them.

Monday, April 16, 2018

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Seams To Be Sew

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One Quilting Circle

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Thursday, April 19, 2018


Kathy’s Kwilts and More


Friday, April 20, 2018

Inspired Layers

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Purrfect Spots

Patchwork Breeze


Sunday, April 22, 2018

For Quilts Sake


Thanks for joining me today on this blog hop!  I hope you have been inspired by all the alumni projects.  We may not be ambassadors anymore, but we sure do love thinking up new ways to use fabric!



Linda Ramrath

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April 9th – Learning is Fun!

Learning is fun, even as I get older and older…

On March 25th I took a class on how to make  butter, ricotta cheese, and yogurt. It was tasty and informative.  I learned a lot about using raw milk, local coops and farms that sell raw milk and more!


Then I learned what would happen if you trimmed the Shazam block incorrectly. Sometimes it created a new pattern, but this time it took the drama out of the Shazam pattern. I am working on refining the directions to my pattern, Shazam.  Here’s my first two quilts done without a pattern…



Here’s my table runners I made while writing the pattern…


Now to finish quilting them with interest and variety.  I’ll show them to you in the next update.

I learned how a sugar house operates. I even filled some bottles with syrup made from sap from trees on our Vermont property. If you would like to buy some real maple syrup, you can click here.

syrup bottles for sale

I learned to color eggs with magic markers and the Egg-mazing  device.

easter eggs 2018

I worked on my Spring Fling blog hop…Use it up, throw it out, or make it do challenge.  I hope you will follow along with Island Batik Ambassadors Alumni and all their creative ideas from April 16-22nd. Here’s where it will begin…

Monday, April 16, 2018

Lemon Tree Snippets


Here’s the Northern Woods strips I used up.


My postcards came for my upcoming Art Show at the Bridgewater Mill in Bridgewater, VT July 15th -August 30th.


I made a basket for an Epilepsy Foundation Auction. Here’s a link where you can support this here


I made a few more bowls.

I took my first dance lesson in 23 years! It was tons of fun!  I cannot wait until the next one. WE learned the two step, waltz and box step all with twists and turns. Yes, I did have to follow the lesson with ibuprofen. I’m not as young and limber as I once was.

Here’s the update on my “Almost Midnight at the Oasis” quilt:

Unfortunately, my time in Vermont for the rest of April is very limited. I may not finish this one until May, but it’s coming along…

Happy Quilting,



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March 26th -Quilting through March

March continues to be exciting with 4 Nor’easter storms in one month! I finished the second and third blocks for my wool project.


I gave my “Stranded on Island Batik” talk to a full house at New England Fabrics on March 17th. It was loads of fun. If you know of a quilt shop willing to host me for this talk, please call me to schedule a date or pass my number along to the quilt shop owner. It is fun to share my quilts and strategies for facing challenges.  Let’s face it, we all face quilting challenges…One of my most frequent challenges is whether to fix supper or continue sewing until dear hubby’s tummy growls. (haha)

I visited the Maple Leaf Quilters in Rutland, Vermont on March 20th. I shared my “Confessions of a Catholic Quilter” talk. Lent is a time to grow closer to God. Some people attend daily Mass more often, read Scripture more, give to the poor in a new effort, perhaps weekly donations to the food shelf. Still other quilt for charity. A good confession before Easter is mandatory for every Catholic in good standing.  Thank you Maple Leaf quilters for hearing some of my confessions.  Since there was no priest there in attendance, I guess I have a few more days to confess to a real priest. I hope your Lent was fruitful. Now back to quilting…that’s when I feel closest to God.

The Maple Leaf Quilters Quilt Show is coming up on April 7th and 8th at St. Joseph’s College.  The play, “The Quilter” is also playing on the 7th on the same campus. I hope to attend both!

On March 21st I attended a SAQA pod meeting. Betty Warner gave a talk about Elements of Design. It was inspiring!  The show and tell after the lecture was amazing! We meet quarterly. I hope you will join us next time, June 6th for a supportive and inspiring time.

I attended my friends, Eric and Sonja’s wedding on March 24th! It was in Barnard, VT. This is my new hometown.  Eric and Sonja were the first friends we made.  They helped us when our water line froze due to the below zero temps. They shared annual events such as the potato picking day and Suicide Six flame parade. We have so much fun with them. Now they are Mr. and Mrs.


My hubby and I took a class at a local farm to learn to make yogurt, ricotta cheese and butter. We use raw milk and learned quite a bit.


I’ve designed a Block of the Month for the Heart of the Land Quilters. I used EQ8 to design the quilt. Thanks to Kari, I finally have a working understanding of how to use the software.

I pulled my fabric from my stash. I will be making two quilts. Here’s the beginning of this project.


I also made time to go on the Vermont Shop Hop one day.  I purchased all the fabrics I needed to start 3 new quilts. I got the tops done this past week, but I cannot show them until after the baby showers….

I decided to design one more Island Batik quilt with some alumni ambassadors.  It will be part of a Spring Fling Blog hop. I will let you know how to see all the new projects in my next newsletter and blog. Stay tuned and keep quilting!

Linda Ramrath

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March 12 – Quilting update


This is such a fun month! On March 1st I delivered a talk as Defense Attorney for Jack, from Jack and the Beanstock. The Prosecutor did a great job accusing Jack of murder and theft. I, however won the jury and got Jack freed with a not guilty verdict. Toastmasters has taught me to use humor in speaking to a crowd.  I cannot tell you how much I have learned and enjoyed learning at Toastmasters.  The ciriculum is changing and I’m excited to learn more with the new materials. Toastmasters is integrating new technology with the talks.  You can learn to run webinars, be more effective in writing newsletters and much more.  Look to join a Toastmasters group in your area. Simply go to

In the past two weeks, I’ve spent 9 days including 2 nor-easter storms in Keene, NH.  That means I could work on my computer (planning the BOM 2018 for Heart of the Land Quilters) and work on handwork. Last summer I bought a wool project pattern in Utah. I’ve since collected lots of wool and started to design my quilt on white wool instead of black.  I always seem to change colors from what I see on a pattern.  Remember the “Midnight at the Oasis” pattern? I changed many parts of that pattern. I have not had time in Vermont to quilt the quilt yet.  Hopefully, my next blog will show a photo of progress on that quilt. Here’s the progress on my new wool quilt…block #1


What I have accomplished is my “Who’s hunting Who?” quilt.  I used my collage pattern, “Cool Bull Moose II”. I decided to make the antlers solid colors and not collaged. I also decided to echo the branches in the background fabric and stitch some boot prints in the snow.  Do you see the moose, with a smile on his face, tracking a hunter?  He’s following the boot prints.  He has a pocket full of ammunition and a gun over his shoulder.  His name is Hunter. I used my Bernina embroidery unit to stitch the name.


Do you have a Bernina embroidery unit? I use mine only once or twice per year. Why is that? I always hurt my back trying to put it on. If I figure this out, I will make a video and share the secret with you. The shortest time it has taken me to connect the unit is 20 minutes.  I’ve always knocked the thread holder off and had to find the bobbins which were piled up on one of the spool pins. There has got to be a better way!

I did video my Doodle of the month for March.  It is a continuation of my mendalla type doodle.  Here’s what it looks like after February doodle and March doodle complete. I hope you will post you results on my facebook page, Inspired Layers.


I’m giving my new talk, “Stranded on Island Batik” at the New England Fabrics store on March 17th. It’s a free talk. You do need to sign up for a seat, however. There will be a fabric give away and a list of challenge ideas for each attendee. I hope to see you there!

Looking forward to more fun quilting this month!


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February 26th – Quilting Update 2018 Lots of Secret Sewing!

Tuffet finished with covered button installed!IMG_20180226_173808

Almost Midnight at the Oasis – purchase backing, washed and pinned all three layers together. I can’t show you what it looks like….It’s a secret!

Made a t-shirt quilt for a customer. Twin size. No photo yet.  I don’t want to spoil the gift.

Used EQ8 to design 3 quilts. I took an online class with, Kari Schell. It was very comprehensive.  If I don’t use it to do my own quilts, I’ll forget how to use this software, so this year, I am drafting patterns using EQ8.

That being said, I’ve also decided to stretch myself with SAQA this year.  I am designing some new quilts for challenges that they present in hopes to get one entered in one of their shows.  Thats my BIG news for 2018. I feel that I’ve turned a corner from quilter/pattern designer to artist. I will not be drafting patterns for SAQA entries. I feel that a more organic design will grow and develop.

Finished a bustle and alterations to two bridesmaid dresses for a friend. I have photos but the wedding is in March so I shouldn’t share  before the wedding….sorry!

Doodle of the Month center is back in my machine to complete.  It is blue thread, King Tut #403 Lapis Lazuli on Kona white fabric with both request cotton and wool battings and a good quality cotton fabric for the backing.  My bobbin is magna-glide No. 40 Trilobal Polyester in 10CG3 cool grey3. The needle is a size 16 for my Handiquilter.


Well that is the status of my quilting projects.

I have my “Who’s Hunting Who?” quilt in the machine today. I’ll blog about that design next time. PROMISE!

Looking forward to March and giving my new talk, “Stranded on Island Batik” at New England Fabrics in Keene, NH on March 17th at 10:30a.m. I hope you can come. I’ll be giving some Island Batik fabric away and sharing lots of challenge ideas.

Happy quilting for two weeks!

Linda Ramrath

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