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Island Batik Ambassador February 7, 2017

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Last November I saw an exhibit of quilts by Island Batik Ambassadors from around the world at the Connections Quilt Show in Nashua, NH. I’m so glad that I stayed for the talk that Linda Pearl shared about each quilt. I loved that although each piece was made with batik fabrics, they were so individual in design and finishing.

In December Linda Pearl shared with her Facebook friends, the opportunity to apply to be an Island Batik Ambassador i n 2017. I thought it was a long shot, but a shot none the less, so I applied.

In February I got an amazing offer to join the very talented Island Batik Ambassadors! YIPPIE! If I could still do a back flip, I would, but those days are over. I can dream of doing several though!

As I wait for a box of gold….I mean Island Batik fabric and Aurifil thread to arrive, let me share with you a little bit about Island Batik, the company. Island Batik has been a leader in the batik industry for over 14 years! They are located in Carlsbad, CA, and pride themselves on quality and outstanding customer service. Their bread and butter product is cotton batik that is mainly used in the quilting industry, however they also have a rayon line. I’ve been thinking of making some scarves and maybe tops for the summer…

Island Batik fabrics are designed by lead designer, Kathy Engle along with additional fabric artists and designers, and are handmade in Bali, Indonesia by skilled artisans.  Every yard of fabric is created using a wax resist method, a process of using wax and dye, to create patterns and give the fabric outstanding depth and range of color.  Once made, the fabrics are laid out in the sun to dry and allow the colors to set.

Island Batik launches new seasonal line two times a year, each launch corresponding to International Quilt Markets that occur in May and October. The fabric arrives in stores in July/August and January/February.

I will share with you what I create from the box of goodies on Facebook and this Blog.  Please share it with your friends!

My box is due to arrive tomorrow or Thursday.  I will take photos and share the excitement with you. In the meantime, I want to share some charity work that Island Batik is doing. There is a need for 12″ x 18″ kennel quilts. Ambassadors are asked to make some kennel quilts and share them with a local shelter in need or send them to a shelter in need such as:

Bark and Roll Rescue Companions

3105 Shadows Lake Drive

Baton Rouge, LA 70816

We adopted our dog, Rocky 8 years ago.  Rob and I were not “dog” people, but our daughter talked us into this deal. He’s one of the best additions to our family! Here’s Rocky in Vermont, looking at our mountain view…


Rocky keeps me company in my quilting studio too! He helps me to stay fit by taking walks every day, in all types of weather. I’m not sure who rescued whom.  We are both very happy!

I made some kennel quilts and shared them on a previous post. Please join me and Island Batik and make some kennel quilts for treasured members of our community! Remember to wash all the fabrics and use only cotton, because dogs and cats can have allergies too!

Happy quilting,

Linda Ramrath


It Takes a Village March 19, 2016

I belong to two villages….Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild and Bose Speakers Toastmasters.

Last weekend a quilt that I made won a blue ribbon.  How did that happen?  It all started with a field trip with the Holliston Senior Center to Quilted Crow Store in Bolton, MA.  I saw this quilt, “Oriental Baltimore” pattern by Leesa Chandler Designs. I was intrigued by the three dimensional flowers and leaves.  Thank you to Sue, owner of the Qulited Crow for introducing me to this pattern. I changed the color palette. I used batik fabrics for the flowers. After many hours of using Sulky thread instead of DMC floss and “request” batting adhered to the back of each block, I embroidered as much as I could.  Then the project stopped.  I was stumped.  I have large hands and there was no way I could turn the tiny petals right side out. I was stuck!

Several months pass.  Then in September, I was at a get away with some members of our guild.  Rita had made this quilt before and she came over to me and helped me on the 5 blocks where I was stuck.  It all seemed so simple now.

I finished the quilt in my own unique way.  I put it in the Thimble Pleasures Quilt Show.  I guess a lot of my fellow Thimble Pleasures Guild members appreciated the time and creativity that went into this quilt, for they voted and gave me a Blue Ribbon.  That would have never happened without Sue, my seniors, Rita, Leesa, and the guild members. Thanks you all so much!  I love this village.


Two weeks ago I received a Triple Crown Award at the Bose Speakers Toastmasters meeting. If it weren’t for my husband, encouraging me to join a club, my mentor, Peter, always evaluating with encouraging words, the opportunity that presented itself to me through Toastmasters, Lori, my new mentor, and all the clubs I visited and learned new, exciting tips and techniques for public speaking, I would not have earned this award.


Both of these villages gave me opportunities to be active.  If you are looking for a village to join.  Be active.  The more you give, the more you learn. I’ve also met very creative people in both of these villages.

I do give talks to women’s groups and quilting guilds.  Thank you Toastmasters for listening to so many quilt-related talks. The courage and confidence I have gained over that past few years is nothing short of amazing.  I wish the same for you.  Look for a village to highlight your talents. You will be amazed.



This Week (47) I… November 25, 2014

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…shared my quilts and a few laughs with Stafford Mill Quilters in Connecticut.



On Friday the Holliston Senior Center Quilters had lots of show and tell.  Some were working on their “Farmer’s Market” quilt with very different fabrics.  When they are all done, I will post the beautiful quilts.  I don’t think any of them will be named “Farmer’s Market” like the pattern.


I finished my quilt from the pattern, “Living a Charmed Life” by Six Gables Designs.

WP_20141125_09_36_02_Pro (1)

I used cotton and wool batting and quilted feathers galore!

What have you created with a charm pack? I’m thinking of all the various things I’ve made with charm packs….a new television episode of “A Quilter’s Touch?” …..stay tuned.

Hope you had a wonderful week sharing your quilting.





This Week (45) I… November 10, 2014

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…voted on Tuesday.

…edited “A Quilter’s Touch” TV show on Brian’s Quilts.  It is now available to view online via

Just click on “Programming”, “Public”, “A Quilter’s Touch”

Joyce Gilmore explains how she turned comforting a friend into a charity effort which continues today, 12 years later to comfort many.  I feel honored to be part of this effort.  Quilters are very generous people.  Sharing their time and talent seems natural to quilters.  If you would like to make a few charity quilts for this effort, please do.  You can send them to me to deliver to Joyce Gilmore of Mendon.

On Thursday I went to “The Gathering quilt show” in Manchester, New Hampshire.  I was inspired to start some new quilts.  It was fun to see quilts hanging from friends I know, and to see such beautiful quilting.  I bought another Oriental panel to quilt.  I also bought some more silk thread, d-rings and clasps for dog leashes, and unique fabric for ideas churning in my brain.  Attending quilt shows had a way of unlocking a creative spirit.  Now to tame the huge number of ideas flooding my thoughts!

On Friday I enjoyed seeing the Holliston Senior Center Quilters.  We went on a field trip a week ago, and it was exciting to see what was created as a result.  Here are a few photos of the “Show and Tell” we shared.

WP_20141107_09_37_43_Pro WP_20141107_09_39_02_Pro WP_20141107_09_42_26_Pro WP_20141107_09_45_38_Pro WP_20141107_09_47_41_Pro WP_20141107_09_49_32_Pro WP_20141107_11_14_09_Pro WP_20141107_11_15_36_Pro WP_20141107_11_17_08_ProThis is a very talented group.  They create baby quilts, queen sized quilts, red work, 2 1/2″ strip quilts, folded fabric quilts and so much more!  The room was overflowing with creativity.

Another fabulous week connecting with talented quilters!



This Week (44) I… November 4, 2014

…taped an episode of “A Quilter’s Touch” with special guest, Joyce Gilmore, who started the Brian’s quilts effort at the Milford Hospital.  Joyce shared her story of how this effort started.  In the past 12 years many small quilts have been donated to this effort.  Thankfully, still births are declining but other mothers are in need of a warm, comfy quilt for their newborns.  The nurses give the quilts to those in need.  I enjoyed sharing this time with such an inspirational quilter.  Joyce also started the Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild in Mendon, MA.  This is one of her most rewarding endeavors.

If you are inspired to help others with your quilting skills, do it.  YOu never know how many others will be inspired by your kindness.


I also had fun on a field trip to Bits and Pieces Quilt Shop in Pelham, NH.  We enjoyed a nice lunch at Dimitrious Restaurant just down route 38.

WP_20141031_12_56_50_Pro WP_20141031_15_20_19_Pro

Although a detour sent us on a longer journey home, we made it home safely. Thank you to Connie, our bus driver.

AnnMarie was the winner of Quilters Dream Green batting at the “Battings” class I taught at Emma’s Quilt Cupboard.  I brought 20 different battings to try with the Platinum 16 mid arm sewing machine.  There are so many great choices these days.

On Saturday, I was demonstrating on the Babylock Tiara mid arm sewing machine at A Notion to Quilt. A mid arm sewing machine is so much fun!  I love the small foot print and the ease of free motion quilting.  I have quilted up to a king size quilt on this machine.  My favorite thing to do is “Doodling” with this machine. Everyone got a chance to try the machine. It was a fun event!

a notion to quilt


This week was full of quilting fun and friendship!  Thanks for a great week!



This Week (31) I… August 4, 2014

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…traveled to Cape Cod to visit with friends, Jack and Marie, who moved there in January 2014 and vend at the Bayberry Quilt Show.

I had dinner, the absolute best clam chowder appetizer I have ever tasted, at the Barnstable Tavern and Restaurant with my friends, Marie and Rhonda.


Marie shared an antique quilt with us.  Her father in law passed away in his 90’s and left this block by block quilt to her.  It is in need of repair. I asked Valorie Sayer how to repair an antique quilt.  I learned so much.  I will not rip out a section and replace it.  I will keep the original and overlay silk and slip stitch/or tack it in place over the original.  Now I’m on the hunt for gold and blue silk for the repair.


The Bayberry quilt show was amazing!  Here is my booth…


My parents stopped by….

IMG_1862[1]Here are some of my treasures that I purchased from Faye Labanaris’ booth…



I’m ready to start another crazy quilt!  

Here are some goodies from Cape Cod Shibori…


I did find time to sew some doodles, some flying geese for a new pattern using the Sew Easy guide, and a clothesline tote bag….




It was a fun three days, four counting the set up day.  I was tired and punchy on Sat. afternoon.  Here’s me with Ro, a fantastic organizer and artist herself!  She inspires me!


A wonderful week!


Linda Ramrath




This Week (26) I… June 27, 2014

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….edited two television shows which will air in June and July on Holliston Cable Access.  Because the Board of Directors voted to put shows produced at HCAT on video on demand, “A Quilter’s Touch” is available world wide on the web.

One show features Dragonfly’s Quilt Shop in Bellingham, MA and a fabric box.  The fabric for the boxes was donated by Kathryn LeBlanc, owner of Dragonfly’s Quilt Shop.  The boxes can be made in any shape and size.  The added detail of buttons and tiny label make this project so cute!









The next show which will air in July shows one use for Dream Fusion batting.  On an earlier show, I mentioned my disappointing experience with fusible batting.  Quilters Dream saw that show and sent me their new Dream Fusion batting.  It is totally different from what I had used in the past.  If you have had a not so good experience with fusible batting, maybe it’s time to try again.  I made a purse from a quilted square.  The only thing I added after the taping of the show is a gusset so the side pockets could hold more.  The “v” shape sometimes goes a little too low.












You can watch thess shows on your computer at your convenience via

Click on “programming”, then “public”, then “A Quilter’s Touch”.  If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can click to see all the available programs.

You can also see the show if you click on “Video Library” and then


The year is half over…..lots more quilting scheduled for the second half of 2014.


Happy quilting!