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PMC rider orders a quilt with 22 years of t-shirts June 28, 2014

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Bud Dodge is a dedicated husband, father, uncle, and PMC athlete! His wife ordered a queen sized quilt from me.  The challenge was to incorporate 22 years worth of t-shirts from riding in the PMC.  This ride is from Sturbridge to Provincetown.  He has some t-shirts from Heavy Hitter fundraising and some his wife or daughters wore as volunteers at a bike stop.

Not only did he give me t-shirts, but there were PMC socks too!  It was quite the puzzle. This is the first t-shirt quilt in which I used wool batting.  I love quilting with wool!  It was a breeze on my Sweet 16 from Handi-Quilter.

Bud picked up the quilt tonight! His smile stretched across his face.  He has so many memories.  Memories not just of having survived the long ride, but of people and friendships and love.  It was such a pleasure to create this memory quilt for Bud.












If you would like to donate to the PMC/Jimmy Fund this year, go to

Enter Bud Dodge’s name to go to his profile page.  The rest is simple.

I made a donation.  I hope you will too!


Linda Ramrath


This Week (18) I… May 6, 2014

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…..played badminton at Boston Badminton in Westborough on Sunday.  It was an exciting way to exercise and start the week.  We got a refresher on the rules and enjoyed an hour of fun!  Over the past 22 years, we have set up our badminton net in our front yard and hoped for a not so windy day or night to play. The staff at the facility were extremely nice.  They answered our questions about the rules and informed us that we were playing with heavy squash rackets! YIKES!  We rented some real badminton rackets and finished our hour of rallies.  We look forward to returning soon!

I finished quilting a t-shirt quilt. This one has some meandering, a snorkel and mask, tennis rackets and tennis balls, and water quilted on it. It was so much fun! I am sewing the binding on now…
eagan quilt full


eagan quilt tennis













eagan quilt snorkel









I finished the week off by vending at the Merrimack Valley Quilt Show in New Hampshire. I had fun demonstrating the Sew Easy guide and 1/4″ curvemaster foot. I made these blocks while I was there.

Kaffe curves



I also celebrated the weekend of girl time with my friend, Peggy and some margaritas….Lesson learned… need a lime to make them taste just right!

Hope you had a fun week too!

Happy Quilting!





This Week (16) I…. April 22, 2014

enjoyed Holy Week!  It started with Palm Sunday and a reading of the Passion of Christ.

I finished up vending at the Pioneer Valley Quilt Show.  This show, in Springfield,MA was wonderful.  There were coupons for many of the vendors which could be printed out and presented at the show.  The local cable station produced a show encouraging people to attend.  Even with MQX and The Worcester Sewing Expo on the same dates, the attendance was super. There were even bus loads of quilters dropped off to enjoy the show and auctions both Saturday and Sunday.  The organizers really worked hard and saw the fruits of their labor.

Pioneer Valley Quilt Show

Pioneer Valley Quilt Show

Quilted a quilt for a cancer patient.

photo (78)

On Monday I attended a lecture/trunk show from Linda Schmidt, a quilter from California now.  She has had quite the travelers journey.  Her quilts were plentiful and inspiring. The techniques she uses are interesting and effective.

Tuesday and Wednesday I finished two sets of mug rugs from the “left over fabrics” from two sets of “Just Around the Curve” place mats. This BONUS pattern is easy with the 1/4″ Martelli curvemaster foot.  FREE BONUS pattern available on my website!

Mug Rugs

Mug Rugs




Holy Thursday was another community get together for the Mass of the Last Supper; another fabulous evening!

On Good Friday I let a friend use my HandiQuilter Sweet 16 to finish a t-shirt quilt as I attened an inspirational church service. Praise God! I love to share my creative space with other creative people.

Sarah quilting a t-shirt quilt with blanket edging

Sarah quilting a t-shirt quilt with blanket edging

Holy Saturday was busy and joyful as I visited my parents with my daughter, dropped off samples at All About Quilts in Walpole, and colored eggs for the centerpiece of our Easter feasting table.

Another blessed week!








This (Week 4) I… January 27, 2014

…had so much fun with my HandiQuilter Sweet 16. I meandered on a Hawaiian Postcard quilt…


Then I tried a new design, inspired by one of the fabrics in this black and white with red quilt…..

P1040462 P1040460

This was so much fun that I will use it today in one of my new “Doodle” quilts.

I believe that learning comes when you least expect it.  I love it when a customer says, “Do whatever you are inspired to quilt.  I don’t want meandering on this quilt.”

Every time I sit at my HQ Sweet 16 sit down model, I remember a student, Sarah Adams who asked me to show her how to free motion quilt with a domestic machine.  With just one lesson, she quilted a baby blanket with different patterns in each 10″ square.  It was truly amazing!  This girl (16 at the time) went on to study fashion at Framingham State College and graduated last year (2013).  She was the recipient of the Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild Scholarship, and recently displayed t-shirt quilts which she designed and then quilted on my HQ16 machine.

Sarah's t-shirt quilts

Why do I tell you about Sarah? Sarah is the ideal student.  She sits at my HQ16 machine with great anticipation.   She has no fear!  She sees the potential in the time she has before her.  She sets the Bose Soundlink on her favorite Pandora station.  Then she gets lost in her work.  If you want someone to create a memory quilt for you, let Sarah Adams of Gloucester, MA create it for you.  The experience is productive joy!

Sarah is working on a website to share her talents.  For now, you may contact her at

Happy Quilting!


Becky’s T-shirt Quilt September 30, 2009

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Becky's Quilt
Becky’s Quilt

Becky’s Quilt is complete.  As many of you know, when each member of our family graduates from high school, I create a t-shirt quilt for them.  I learn a lot about my neices and nephews.  I find out what activities they enjoyed, sports, musicals, first job, summer camp fun, and lots more.  No two quilts come out the same.  Becky loves pink.  I collaged the t-shirts with back and white fabrics with a spot of bright pink here and there.  Then I made a large border onthe top to cover the pillow area of the bed.  The other three borders have the same fabric, but much narrower.  I meandered around the t-shirts in the center and sstippled in the black section of the border.  The backing is puzzle-pieced with the left overs.  The overall size is approximately 78″ x 95″.