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About May 15, 2009

Hi, I’m Linda, and I’ve been quilting for about 11 years. In addition to teaching at Holliston Senior Center and on Holliston Cable Access Television’s, A Quilter’s Touch, I have been having confetti parties.  What’s that?  My friend and accomplished quilter, Deborah Pellegrino and I pulled out our muffin tins, diced up some batik fabrics and cooked up some stunning quilted confections.  It’s no calories and so addicting!  Keep checking this blog to see our latest confetti creations.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. pat Says:

    Hi Linda,
    i love my bali bag I made with your help at Franklin Mill. Mine is the one with the red handles and many holes! I finally fixed them all and love it.
    I know you said that you quilt. I was wondering if I could have you quilt three of mine? I live in Ashland, so you would be very close.
    Pat Slater
    2 winesap way Ash.

    • Hi Pat,
      Congratulations on finishing your bag!!!!!
      It is important to fix any holes along the way…It’s harder to squeeze the bag under the needle to zigzag once you are done. The way I teach the bag, it come out much stiffer than other techniques. I hope you can send me a photo some day!
      I will call you to talk about quilting your quilts. Thanks for the inquiry.


  2. Sally Alloway Says:

    Hi Linda,
    You KNOW I love your work. And these island batiks are wonderful. I am always impressed with your ideas and use of fabric and design….

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