This Week (35) I…

…went on the NCL Dawn cruise to Bermuda. Here’s a photo of me ready to board the ship and cruise into new adventures.  On my list is snorkeling and drinking rum swizzles! Yes, in that order.  We had booked two excursions, so there was no baking out….

day 1

This cruise is also our 30th anniversary gift for my husband, Rob and me.  On our honeymoon we cruised from Amsterdam up the Norwegian Fjords.  It was amazing and memorable! We went on train rides and several excursions at various ports of call.  The weather, scenery and wildlife was beyond our dreams!  What a way to start our marriage.


Unfortunately, we did not go on any excursions on this cruise due to a hurricane.  All our excursions were cancelled and we left Bermuda without even touching the water or red sand beaches.  We did take a Fun Bus tour of St. George with Reggie, our guide.  Reggie was amazingly friendly, courteous, and filled us in with lots of information about Bermuda.  He is a native and loves this island.


Rob and I did celebrate our anniversary on board.  At dinner one night at the Venetian restaurant, the waiters sang a romantic song to us with harmonies too!  We received an “Anniversary cake too!”

anniversary cakeI must say that my most memorable and unexpected time on the ship was with the comedian, Tim Kaminski.  He did three shows and a Q & A session.  We also saw him in line waiting for the Garden Cafe to open for lunch.  He is a wonderful, clean comedian with a huge heart!  He is a master of his craft.  How great to lift people’s spirits for a living.

Tim Kaminski and me

Tim Kaminski and me

As a Toastmaster, studying the Humorous speaking advanced manuals, and a quilter always looking to talk through quilts and sharing them with other to bring smiles to their faces, I learned a lot.  I saw how Tim connected with so many, if not every member of the audience.  He closes his shows with a heartfelt message for the good of the community.  He never lost his cool and helped all the passengers wishing for sun day after day and getting rain 6 out of 7 days keep smiles on their faces, me included.

I am not taking snorkeling off my bucket list. It might not happen in Bermuda, but maybe somewhere else….that’s the adventure and mystery I like in my life.

The cruise ended with a beautiful sunrise as we floated into Boston Harbor.

sunset coming homeMy husband was thrilled to hear his phone ring with messages as he was ready to reconnect with his life at Bose, Corp.  I was looking forward to a day of shopping with my daughter before she headed to college for her sophomore year at St. Micheal’s College in Vermont; a day of gardening and yard work; and then back to quilting projects.

It was a nice week of disconnection from the “busy” life at home and focusing on our marriage and the fun times we’ve shared over the past 30 years.  Thankfully, we are both focused on staying healthy so we can add to our bucket list and look for new adventures!

Hope you had a great week!





About inspiredlayerslinda

I was an Island Batik Ambassador for 2017. I enjoyed the challenge of designing new quilt patterns with this very special batik fabric collections. I teach free motion quilting via my Youtube videos and Doodle of the Month program which anyone can sign up for by sending me an email requesting to be added to the list. I enjoy transforming fabric into unique quilts, t-shirts into memory quilts, and photos to wall art. I joined Toastmasters to find my voice and learn to share my quilts and stories with others.
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