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This Week (30) I… July 28, 2014

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…taped two episodes of “A Quilter’s Touch” at Holliston Cable Access Television (HCAT).  One upcoming show discusses the benefits of joining a quilting guild.  Guest Millie Becker shows her love of quilting with a dress, some bags, quilts and stories.  Millie loves to use templates, even if she has to draw them herself.  Even her very early quilts have pretty perfect points!

Millie’s husband, Jerry was a guest on a show too!  Can you imagine a home with two sewing rooms?  Jerry is an expert tie maker along with being a quilter.  His sense of color is amazing!  They do shout and share from one stash to the other. I’ll be editing the shows soon and you can watch them online via


I also attended a party to celebrate 9 years of directorship by Lina Arena-Derosa at the Holliston Senior Center. Lina hired me to teach at the center 8 years ago.  Our quilting group has grown and enjoys sewing and shopping together. Everyone wished Lina well as she heads to Westwood Senior Center to spread her sunshine there!


Westwood is the town in which I grew up.  I’ll have to make some trips back and pop in to see how Lina shaking things up there!

I also made another quilt using my NO PINS, NO STRESS, CURVED PIECING pattern, Just Around the Curve.  This one is one of the BONUS patterns.  I have written two FREE BONUS patterns which are downloadable from my website, on the patterns page.


Hope you had a wonderful week!



This Week (29) I… July 20, 2014

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came back from vacation and jumped right into teaching 3 classes!  It is fun to see quilters expanding their experiences with free motion, design, and basic skills.  The thrill I get when they say, “It was so easy to put my top together once I squared my blocks!” Eurika! Lots of people can tell you how to quilt, but you need to decide what and when to apply all the tips.

I continued my monthly series on free motion quilting with the midarm Platinum 16 machine at Emma’s Quilt Cupboard on Monday.  By the end of class, the stress was leaving and the smiles were returning!  It really is easier if you trust yourself to let go…..

On Tuesday I taught a class on how to fill columns….see how well Vanessa did! We used Bamboo batting from Quilters Dream this month.


On Thursday I participated in a game of “Sew Tell the Truth”.  Two quilters stood up in front of a challenge quilt and 2 explanations for each quilt was read aloud.  The audience voted with clapping as to who the real quilter was.  The challenge was, “That’s a novel idea.”  Loads of fun!


The real quilters are, #1 Linda on the left, #2 Barbara on the right, #3 Deb on the left.

My quilt was titled, “Fortitude.”  To hear more about it’s design, read my newsletter which will be released on Aug. 5th.  If you haven’t signed up to receive my monthly newsletter, go to and sign up today.  It is call ezine: Sips & Tips.


On Friday I taught the Holliston Senior Center quilters how to make lanyards.  It was fun!  The Show & Tell we have twice a month there on Friday mornings is priceless!  Everyone is growing in their quilting skills.  Come join the fun.  Our next meeting is July 25th at 9:30a.m.-11:30a.m. Have you put a quilt top aside and want to quilt it now?  Bring it in for lots of quilting ideas.

A fun week…..back in the swing of quilting….the horses are history for now….




This Week (28) I… July 15, 2014

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…spent the week at T Cross Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming with my husband.  Our daughter, Bethany is working at the ranch this summer, meeting people from around the world.


We arrived in a convertible Mustang to this picturesque place.  

Our rental car

Our rental car

The warmth and genuine hospitality just envelopes your as you near the end of the dirt road leading to cabins surrounded by mountains.

T Cross Ranch cabins

T Cross Ranch cabins

Riding horses is way outside my comfort zone, but this year (the second year visiting T Cross Ranch) I was working on the virtue of Fortitude.  I was facing my fear of horses and participated in a trail ride up to “Hole in the Wall” on Monday afternoon.

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall

It was a nice ride on “Sonny” and the view was breath-taking! We all rode back down to the ranch and enjoyed a country dinner and dessert too!

On tuesday, Rob and I and Jennifer, a guest from Chicago went on a pack trip to “5 pockets”. This trip included several water crossings (on horseback).

crossing water

There was a lot of snow this past winter, which melted and swelled the streams.

The camp where we stayed was like “the Promised Land.” It was a grassy spot surrounded by streams and mountains. There was a gentle breeze and beautiful sunshine.  We built a fire and shared stories and a delicious meal of ham steak and pineapple, poppin’ potatoes and green beans.  The tents were cozy and the night flew by nestled in our comfy sleeping bags.

Bear fence

Notice the white bear fence surrounding the camp.  There were bear prints near the bathroom area in the morning.  This sight reminded me of the time Rob proposed marriage to me in New Hampshire.  I fell off a log in surprise of seeing the engagement ring.  It was not expected in 1983.  Why was I so fearful of taking this trip?  If you ever get the chance to go on a pack trip, with Boone as your host, don’t even hesitate!  It will be a gift of a lifetime!

The trail ride back to the ranch took over 4 hours.  We stopped for lunch after riding through a field of 50 head of cattle grazing.  I racked up a few more fortitude points along that ride.

On Thursday I participated in gymkhana – (games on horseback for children at heart). Here I am doing the barrel race.


I also did the pole race….


This is penning a cow….

penning a cow

I worked with Rob and Jennifer to get this cow into a pen at the end of the corral.

Last year I was a bystander.  This year, I fully participated while on horseback! Fortitude!

The trail rides were fun this year. I learned to communicate with my horse.  We worked on trust all week.

On Friday I declined another all day ride to another beautiful location, and drove to Dubois to have lunch with my daughter and her co-worker, Jessica.

The cowboys and cabin girls work very hard, daily, hoping to make every guest happy and comfortable during their stay at T Cross Ranch.  You can learn as much as you want about horses and nature.  Just ask, and each person who works there is willing to sahre their experiences with you.

Do you have fears? Is this the summer to face your fears and accrue some fortitude?  I’m glad I did.

A HUGE “Thank You!” to Mark and Gretchen Cardell, owners of T Cross Ranch and Boone, Michael, Jake and Lee for their encouragement throughout the week.  Bethany, Jessica, Jessie, Kaitlyn, and AnnaLisa were friendly and helpful too!

Don’t put off a vacation like this.  Go to and book a stay in one of the cabins or sheep wagons today!  It will be a vacation to remember for a lifetime!  We stayed in Moose Belle cabin, but all the cabins are unique, warm and inviting.

t cross ranch entrance