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PMC rider orders a quilt with 22 years of t-shirts June 28, 2014

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Bud Dodge is a dedicated husband, father, uncle, and PMC athlete! His wife ordered a queen sized quilt from me.  The challenge was to incorporate 22 years worth of t-shirts from riding in the PMC.  This ride is from Sturbridge to Provincetown.  He has some t-shirts from Heavy Hitter fundraising and some his wife or daughters wore as volunteers at a bike stop.

Not only did he give me t-shirts, but there were PMC socks too!  It was quite the puzzle. This is the first t-shirt quilt in which I used wool batting.  I love quilting with wool!  It was a breeze on my Sweet 16 from Handi-Quilter.

Bud picked up the quilt tonight! His smile stretched across his face.  He has so many memories.  Memories not just of having survived the long ride, but of people and friendships and love.  It was such a pleasure to create this memory quilt for Bud.












If you would like to donate to the PMC/Jimmy Fund this year, go to

Enter Bud Dodge’s name to go to his profile page.  The rest is simple.

I made a donation.  I hope you will too!


Linda Ramrath


This Week (26) I… June 27, 2014

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….edited two television shows which will air in June and July on Holliston Cable Access.  Because the Board of Directors voted to put shows produced at HCAT on video on demand, “A Quilter’s Touch” is available world wide on the web.

One show features Dragonfly’s Quilt Shop in Bellingham, MA and a fabric box.  The fabric for the boxes was donated by Kathryn LeBlanc, owner of Dragonfly’s Quilt Shop.  The boxes can be made in any shape and size.  The added detail of buttons and tiny label make this project so cute!









The next show which will air in July shows one use for Dream Fusion batting.  On an earlier show, I mentioned my disappointing experience with fusible batting.  Quilters Dream saw that show and sent me their new Dream Fusion batting.  It is totally different from what I had used in the past.  If you have had a not so good experience with fusible batting, maybe it’s time to try again.  I made a purse from a quilted square.  The only thing I added after the taping of the show is a gusset so the side pockets could hold more.  The “v” shape sometimes goes a little too low.












You can watch thess shows on your computer at your convenience via

Click on “programming”, then “public”, then “A Quilter’s Touch”.  If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can click to see all the available programs.

You can also see the show if you click on “Video Library” and then


The year is half over…..lots more quilting scheduled for the second half of 2014.


Happy quilting!



This Week (25) I… June 23, 2014

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…donated a quilt to Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Leominster, MA.

IMG_1644[1] IMG_1645[1]












I also taped “A Quiter’s Touch” tv show at HCAT studios, shared quilting tips and techniques with Holliston Senior Center quilters, and painted some fabrics under the direction of Mickey Lawler.  What a fun week!

You will have to wait for pictures from the HCAT show…..

Here are some pictures from show and tell at Holliston Senior Center….

IMG_1661[1] IMG_1662[1] IMG_1663[1]IMG_1666[1]



Theresa shared her beautiful “Just Around the Curve” place mats!


Yvonne shared her challenge quilts.  The first challenge was everything from a hardware store.  The second challenge is with under garments.  She used a bra to make a suspension bridge.

The third challenge was a round robin.  We all gave her ideas of what to do next with that quilt top!



On Saturday I took a workshop with Mickey Lawler on painting fabric.  Here are a few of my amazing pieces.  It was a great day with my quilting friends from Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild and some of their friends too!  We learned to make happy and stormy skies, water, waterfall, streams, planets and shooting stars!

IMG_1681[1]The weather was just perfect for this activity.










Hope you had a wonderful week too!




This Week (24) I… June 16, 2014

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…taught 3 classes at A Notion to Quilt in Shelburne Falls, MA.  I watched 9 determined quilters finish their clothesline baskets in class!

Lenny decided to get tangled up in my class…..











We listened to music as we covered the cording….










And then the reveal…

IMG_1629[1] IMG_1630[1] IMG_1631[1] IMG_1632[1] IMG_1633[1] IMG_1634[1] IMG_1635[1] IMG_1636[1] IMG_1637[1] IMG_1638[1]























































Beverly finished hers too!  FUN!!!!! This workshop is great fun and helps to understand what it takes to make the clothesline tote.  I make 2, small totes from one Bali Pop or Tonga Treat or 1 basket and 1 large clothesline tote.

What I learned is that it is much easier for the clothesline to move through a higher shank machine.  If you have a choice, use a high shank machine and a piping or cording foot which allows you to sew through the cord, not next to the cord (which is how welting is made for cushions).

The next class was Free Motion Fun! Here’s a feather with echoing and ribbons.  In one class….














The last class was “Doodle Dog”….look at the doodle practice that Becky did with the FREE monthly doodles I send out.











It was a wonderful week of sharing my love of quilting!  If you would like to sign up to receive free doodles, send me an email to be added to the monthly doodle list.




This Week (23) I… June 10, 2014

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enjoyed teaching free motion quilting.  I also enjoyed quilting a couple of little quilts for a customer.  IMG_1579[1] IMG_1580[1]

The white thread in the 4th of July red work quilt shows up better on the back of the quilt.  Notice the density of the stitching.  By adding a few wind swirls in the sky, it differentiates this area from the sidewalk.  The sidewalk is more densely quilted.  The grass area is a different density too.  The grass blades and filled in not in rows, but meandered horizontal helps differentiate the bottom area.











The Pick of the patch quilt has a loopy background which is whimsical.  The stars of this quilt are the pumpkins.  The soft, brushed cotton background is filled with the curly pumpkin vines.  The pumpkins are not quilted through to the back.  The quilted background recedes and makes the pumpkins more three dimensional.  I added curves around the saw tooth border to keep the entire picture soft.  Notice how the curves will be complete even after the binding strip is added.

The key to free motion quilting is to be free of stress.  This comes with a quilting plan.  When you quilt your next quilt think about the feeling you want to get from looking at the quilt.  What element is the star?  Sometimes the star is the quilting.  Sometimes the quilting fills in the background to allow the red work or applique to be the star.


I ended the week with a group project at the Holliston Senior Center.  Each quilter made 3, half square triangle blocks for each participant.  Some of the scrappy results are shown below:



IMG_1589[1] IMG_1602[1] IMG_1593[1]





















What a great week!




This Week (22) I… June 2, 2014

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…met Kathryn, owner of Dragonfly Quilt Shop in Bellingham, MA.  This shop is a destination for quilters or wanna be quilters/ artists to quilt, paint, finish projects, start new projects, do some stash busting, be creative, and have fun doing all of the above!  Grab some friends and head over there.  WARNING! check the website for hours the shop is open.  The website is

dragonfly quilt shop

Check out the “Starry Night” painted on canvas.  You can learn to do that!  Check out the Fairy button quilt.  Very cute!  Free motion quilting and tiny buttons that just make the piece!  Kathryn is going to have “Make it, Take it” projects too!  I would suggest that you bookmark her website and stay tuned in.  She has lots of good tips to share.

I will be taping a show for “A Quilter’s Touch” featuring a fabric box which Kathryn taught me to make during my visit.  I’ll also share a handy bobbin area cleaner made from a straw and pipe cleaner.  I’ll let you know when the show is released.


I hope you had a great week!

Happy sewing!