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Produced “A Quilter’s Touch” TV show on batting.  I have been quilting for 16 years now.  I have experimented with many different battings.  What I have learned this week is that the batting companies including The Warm Company and Quilter’s Dream Batting want to hear from quilters.  They are very interested in what works and what new needs we quilters have.  They are constantly working on improving their batting choices.  There are so many on the market right now.

The TV show is now available online via .  Simply click on the rectangle,” Streaming Video Online“, and select “A Quilter’s Touch” folder. The name of the show is “Quilt Battings”. I have produced 38 shows to date. Every show inspires another show or two!

batting AQT2


I am on set with thirteen samples provided by The Warm Company.  As I was remembering quilted items I have made with each batting, I was also inspired to make more projects with new batting samples too!  As a new quilter, I only used Warm & Natural batting.  As I learned to think about the end use of the item and how densely I was intending to quilt an item, I learned the varying aspects of each batting.  Now the choices are simply amazing! Insul Shine is a new batting to me.  I think my lunch bag is in need of a face lift. I am going to do another show using this product!  My yogurt will stay cooler!  Watch the show entitled “Quilt Battings” and let me know what you think!


Dream Wool and Dream Cotton Batting

Dream Wool and Dream Cotton Batting

Quilter’s Dream Batting also sent a sample card of their batting choices and smaller samples which are FREE and available at the Holliston Senior Center on fridays at the Quilting Class.  Stop by and pick one up!  I have been teaching fun classes on free motion quilting and batting choices. It is fun to see quilters stitch on battings they have never used before.  It’s so exciting to see the transformation from tentative quilter to confident free motion diva.

My new favorite combination is “Request” Dream Cotton along with Dream Wool.  By placing the wool on top, the quilting of feathers and stipples fills in with the fibers and almost looks like trapunto without stuffing the shapes.  When the quilt is complete, the entire piece has a soft hand.  This combination prevents creases from folding too!  If you haven’t tried combining two battings, maybe it’s time to jump outside the box and make your own combination.

My hope is to give the viewer lots of information about various battings to help the quilter make the best choice for his/her quilted item.  One story I shared was when I was advised to use black batting and didn’t even know that it existed.  I’ve had lots of ah ah moments when quilting.  I love information and learning new uses for battings.  I hope you will take time to watch the show and let the information help you make better decisions in your future quilting projects.

I also learned that if my local quilt shop does not carry the batting I want, simply call or go to the website for The Warm Company, or Quitler’s Dream Batting at and you will find a source for the batting you want.

I have decided to sell the “Request” (thinnest weight)  Dream Cotton batting when I vend at local quilt shows.  This seems to be difficult to find and a batting I use when creating no-hoop embroidery pieces and “Doodle” quilts.  I will also start to offer my customers Dream Wool

It was a fun week shooting the show, editing and now seeing it released!  This is a volunteer job that I love to do.  Sharing my passion for quilting with the community is FUN!

A Special “Thank You” to The Warm Company and Quilter’s Dream Batting!


Linda Ramrath


About inspiredlayerslinda

I was an Island Batik Ambassador for 2017. I enjoyed the challenge of designing new quilt patterns with this very special batik fabric collections. I teach free motion quilting via my Youtube videos and Doodle of the Month program which anyone can sign up for by sending me an email requesting to be added to the list. I enjoy transforming fabric into unique quilts, t-shirts into memory quilts, and photos to wall art. I joined Toastmasters to find my voice and learn to share my quilts and stories with others.
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