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This (Week 4) I… January 27, 2014

…had so much fun with my HandiQuilter Sweet 16. I meandered on a Hawaiian Postcard quilt…


Then I tried a new design, inspired by one of the fabrics in this black and white with red quilt…..

P1040462 P1040460

This was so much fun that I will use it today in one of my new “Doodle” quilts.

I believe that learning comes when you least expect it.  I love it when a customer says, “Do whatever you are inspired to quilt.  I don’t want meandering on this quilt.”

Every time I sit at my HQ Sweet 16 sit down model, I remember a student, Sarah Adams who asked me to show her how to free motion quilt with a domestic machine.  With just one lesson, she quilted a baby blanket with different patterns in each 10″ square.  It was truly amazing!  This girl (16 at the time) went on to study fashion at Framingham State College and graduated last year (2013).  She was the recipient of the Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild Scholarship, and recently displayed t-shirt quilts which she designed and then quilted on my HQ16 machine.

Sarah's t-shirt quilts

Why do I tell you about Sarah? Sarah is the ideal student.  She sits at my HQ16 machine with great anticipation.   She has no fear!  She sees the potential in the time she has before her.  She sets the Bose Soundlink on her favorite Pandora station.  Then she gets lost in her work.  If you want someone to create a memory quilt for you, let Sarah Adams of Gloucester, MA create it for you.  The experience is productive joy!

Sarah is working on a website to share her talents.  For now, you may contact her at

Happy Quilting!


This Week 3 I… January 21, 2014

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…Made two baby quilts!  How exciting for my two friends who are now grandmothers!

Do you have a favorite baby quilt pattern?  I don’t.  I have made several “Li’l Dude” quilts.  Not sure where I filed that magazine…

I went to Emma’s Quilt Cupboard & Sewing on Tuesday.  There I had the good fortune to see Mary S. I told her I wanted to make baby girl quilts.  I wanted a new print and three coordinates. She pointed me in the right direction and I found just what I was looking for….

baby quilt fabric

I purchased 4 yards of the print and 1 yard of each of the coordinates.

I cut several 2 1/2″strips and started to play. I cut some squares and some rectangles.  Then I made the flying geese.  I made alternating geese which transformed the design to arrows.  I cut 3/4″ green strips as poppers.  I backed the quilts with the print and bound them with the green fabric.  Here is the result.

Baby quilts

Baby quilts




This Week 2, I… January 13, 2014

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Found my inner child and “Doodled” my dog, Rocky.  He is a mixed breed; half Basset hound and half  Husky.

First, I used a light box and traced the outline with a Sewline pencil.



Next, I put black thread in my sewing machine and free motion quilted the outline.



Looking at my paper copy for the doodle designs, I free motion quilted this cutie in no time.  Can you say, “FUN!”


I used denser fillers where Rocky is black and more open fillers where Rocky is white.  I am very excited to show a full class of 12 students how I create “Doodle” quilts tonight!

doodle rocky

Doodle Rocky

I also “Doodled” Sammy, my husband’s Sister-in-law’s dog.  He is a little Sheltie. doodle sammy

Both of these quilts are 12″ x 12″.  Do you want to “doodle” your dog?  Simply take a photo.  Then enlarge it and draw an outline on paper.  Then section the drawing.  I use thin cotton batting and wool batting in my quilt sandwich.  I used black thread for Rocky and dark brown thread for Sammy.  My “doodle” designs are shown in my “Doodle Dog” pattern available at Emma’s Quilting & Sewing and online

Send me photos of your “Doodle Dog”.

Happy Quilting!