Vending in NH

Merrimack Valley Quilters Guild Show 2013

Merrimack Valley Quilters Guild Show 2013

The Merrimack Valley Quilters Guild invited me to vend at their show this past week.  It was a beautiful drive to southern NH where I use to live.  I enjoyed every moment.  I must say that the vendor committee was especially nice.  I needed a street address for my GPS and called early Wednesday morning to a very cheery voice.  She not only gave me the address, but quick directions too!  She was looking forward to meeting me and wish me safe travel….Yes, this was in New England!  When I arrived, guild members were welcoming vendors and checking to see if we needed anything.  Just as I rolled my array of items into my space, a dear friend and former neighbor from Auburn, NH gave me a big hug!  We worked together very well, making decisions and keeping a list (on my phone) of items to borrow from her home to make the space inviting.  We are both hard workers and enjoyed working together.  Although Peggy doesn’t quilt, she has office skills and a huge heart!  I think she is my angel from NH and quite a cheerleader.

The next two days, I demonstrated covering cotton cording to make “Linda’s Clothesline Tote” and stitched up some curves with no pins, no stress, and no puckers! as described in “Just Around the Curve”  pattern.  I also demonstrated the use of BoNash Fuse it and bits of batik confetti.

When the two days were over, I was out of Fuse It powder and pressing sheets. I placed another order and will be updating my website with Fuse It powder which replaces the 007 bonding agent. It is the same product with new packaging.  They both work!

Miracles continued to occur….as I entered my driveway on Saturday, I was noticing the lawn…It was green, and mowed, and edged! It’s a good thing I didn’t faint and crash into my stone wall. Although I was looking forward to mowing the lawn for the first time this year, I was in heaven knowing I could cross that off my to do list for tomorrow. I was simply amazed!  I made my way up the stairs to my kitchen and dinner (roasted chicken from the market and fresh carrots) was being served. I almost checked the numbers on the front of my house.  What has happened to my family?  I think everyone is growing up! Rob and I will have an empty nest next month, maybe that’s why every meal spent together is so special.

The Merrimack Valley Quilters Guild not only made every vendor feel special with free yummy lunches, a gift with candy and a heartfelt thank you card; they shopped and shared their beautiful quilts with us and many visitors.  If you missed their show, take a drive next year to Plaistow, NH and meet some of the nicest people on earth!

Thank you Merrimack Valley Quilters Guild!


About inspiredlayerslinda

I was an Island Batik Ambassador for 2017. I enjoyed the challenge of designing new quilt patterns with this very special batik fabric collections. I teach free motion quilting via my Youtube videos and Doodle of the Month program which anyone can sign up for by sending me an email requesting to be added to the list. I enjoy transforming fabric into unique quilts, t-shirts into memory quilts, and photos to wall art. I joined Toastmasters to find my voice and learn to share my quilts and stories with others.
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