Bali Bags

Spomoni bagKiwiberry bagBali Bags

I’ve been intrigued with the Bali bags for months.  I purchased the clothesline and Bali pops from Hoffman to create these bags and finally had time to experiment.  The Spumonit bag, on the left was my first attempt.  I stongly suggest purchasing a cording foot for your machine to cover the clothesline.  It took me about 2 hours to carefully piece the strips together, press the seams open and the strip in half the long way.  I folded the raw edge in and the folded edge on top.  I used three bobbins and a straight stitch to create the cording.  Then I switched back to my regular foot (1C) and zig zag stitched the bag together.  My settings were 6.0 wide and 2.0 for length.  I purchases handles for the first bag.  When I finished kiwiberry bag, I made handles from more clothesline.  Both bags were made using 100 feet of cotton clothesline, but their shapes are so different.  The third bag I made looks huge by comparison.  It’s more of a magazine bin than a bag to carry.  What did I do differently?  I’m still making bags to figure it out……another addiction for my batik collection.


About inspiredlayerslinda

I have been quilting for more than 18 years. I am an Island Batik Ambassador for 2017. I enjoy the challenge of designing new quilt patterns with this very special batik fabric collection. I joined Toastmasters to find my voice and learn to share my quilts and stories with others.
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2 Responses to Bali Bags

  1. Jean Russell says:

    Do you sell a pattern on how to cover the clothesline.

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