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2014 Calendar July 1, 2009


January 7th – Newsletter  (ezine) released

January 8th – Toastmasters

January 8th – HCAT meeting

January 8th – first of my weekly blogs released for 2014

January 10th -Holliston Senior Center

January 13th – 6:00-8:30p.m. Doodle Dog class 1 at Emma’s Quilt Cupboard

January 18th – HQ16 class – Charlton Sewing Center

January 22nd – Toastmasters

January 24th – Holliston Senior Center

January 27th – Doodle Dog class2 -6:00-8:30p.m. Emma’s Quilt Cupboard

February 7th- Holliston Senior Center

February 10th – Doodle Dog class3 -6:00-8:30p.m. Emma’s Quilting and Sewing

February 12th – Toastmasters

February 17th – St. Camilla’s charity event

February 21st – Holliston Senior Center

March 7th – Holliston Senior Center

March 8-9th – Thimble Pleasures Quilt Show – Blackstone Valley Technical School, Upton, MA

March 12th – Toastmasters

March 15th – Log Home Show

March 21st – Holliston Senior Center

March 26th – Toastmasters – Open House

April 2nd – speaker at Our Lady of the Lake, Leominster, MA 2:00p.m.

April 4th – Holliston Senior Center

April 4th – Lecture/Trunk Show – Walpole guild

April 8th – speaker at St. Mary’s, Holliston, MA 7:30p.m.

April 9th – Toastmasters

April 11-13th -Pioneer Valley Quilt Show vending, The Cedars, Springfield, MA

April 17th -Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild meeting

April 20th – Easter!

April 23rd – Toastmasters

April 25th – Holliston Senior Center

April 26th – Sit Down Mid arm class

May 1-3rd – Merrimack Valley Quilter’s Guild Show- vending

May 5th – Doodle Sea Turtle class – Emma’s Quilt Cupboard

May 9th – Holliston Senior Center

May 12th – midarm class – Emma’s Quilt Cupboard

May 14th – Toastmasters

May 17th – Toastmasters District meeting

May 18th – Cornerstone Quilter’s Guild Trunk show

May 19th – Doodle Sea Turtle class2 – Emma’s Quilt Cupboard

May 24th – Lauren’s wedding

May 26th – Memorial Day!

May 28th – Toastmasters

May 30th – Holliston Senior Center

May 29th-June 1st – QC quilt show at Arsenal for the Arts

May 31 – Sit Down Mid arm class2

June 2nd – Doodle Sea Turtle – class 3 – Emma’s Quilt Cupboard

June 3rd – midarm class

June 5th – midarm class

June 6th – Holliston Senior Center

June 9th – HCAT BoD

June 9th – Midarm Class #2 – Emma’s Quilt Cupboard

June 10th – midarm class

June 11th – Toastmasters

June 13th – Linda’s Clothesline basket class – A Notion to Quilt 10:30-3:30

June 14th – mid arm class – A Notion to Quilt 10:30-12:30

June 19th – Thimble Pleasures Guild Meeting

June 20th – Holliston Senior Center

June 21st – Workshop with Mickey Lawler

June 25th – Toastmasters

June 28th – July 2nd – Vermont

July 5th-12th – vacation – Wyoming

July 17th – Thimble Pleasures meeting

July 18th – Holliston Senior Center

July 23rd – Toastmasters

July 25th – Holliston Senior Center

July 26th – Sit Down Mid Arm class – A Notion to Quilt

July 30st- August 2nd – Bayberry Quilters of Cape Cod – vending

August 8th – Holliston Senior Center

August 8th-11th – Maine

August 11th – Midarm class #4 Emma’s Quilt Cupboard

August 13th – Toastmasters

August 15th – Holliston Senior Center

August 16th – Sit Down Mid Arm class#5 – A Notion to Quilt

August 21 – Thimble Pleasures meeting

August 22nd-29th – Cruise to Bermuda

September 6th – Holliston Senior Center Harvest Fair

September 8th – Midarm class #5 – Emma’s Quilt Cupboard

September 9th – Doodle Dog – Wayside Sewing

September 10th- Toastmasters

September 12th -14th quilting get away, Maine

September 18th – Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild

September 19th – Holliston Senior Center

September 23rd – Doodle Dog #2 – Wayside Sewing

September 24th – Toastmasters

September 26th – Holliston Senior Center

September 27th – Sit Down Mid Arm class #6 – A Notion to Quilt

October 3rd – Holliston Senior Center

October 5th – Sew Creative – Doodle Dog

October 7th – Doodle Dog #3 – Wayside Sewing

October 8th – Toastmasters

October 14th-15th – Ninigret Quilters, Westerly, RI

October 16th – 21st – Germany

October 22nd – Toastmasters

October 26th – Sew Creative -Doodle Dog

October 27th – Midarm class #6 – Emma’s Quilt Cupboard

October 31st- Holliston Senior Center

November 1st – Babylock Event at Shelburne Falls

November 7th – Holliston Senior Center

November 12th – Toastmasters

November 21st – Holliston Senior Center

December 5th – Holliston Senior Center

December 10th – Toastmasters

December 19th – Holliston Senior Center Holiday Party


6 Responses to “2014 Calendar”

  1. ANGELA Says:


  2. Hi Linda,
    I was part of the class from blackstone valley quilter’s, I was having trouble covering the rope well I took it all apart and started over..Now I’m putting it together and its
    a huge fruit bowl..please let me know what I’m doing wrong. also been looking for the video you talked about..that will probably help me out

  3. Arlene Says:

    Hi Linda, Please add me to your doodle list. Thanks.

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